Secret Surf spots by Forever Bungalows

Surfboards at Ditch Plains in Montauk. Images courtesy of


Love surfing? We’re about to give away our secret surf spots and links to those who can help you with gear and instruction.

Forever Bungalows issues our guests East Hampton Town or Southampton Town beach permits.

The East Hampton Town permit allows our guests to park at Beach Lane in Wainscott and at beaches east of Atlantic Beach in Amagansett; that means Montauk is accessible from Forever Bungalows. That’s a big deal because Montauk is where the surf tends to be more consistent and the beach scene tends to be a bit more interesting and eclectic.

Beach Lane is near one of the surfer-famous Georgica jetties and tends to hold a surf break even when other spots don’t. That beach is also at the end of one of the East End’s prettiest lanes and is typically unfussy and quiet. Parking is limited; early mornings and late afternoons are the best times to go there.

The Southampton Town permit allows parking at Sagg Main Beach, Ocean Road in Bridgehampton, Mecox Beach, Scott Cameron and Flying Point Beach and at beaches to the west of Southampton Village. All of the Southampton beaches listed above tend to be dense on weekends, especially mid-day, and are usually a whole lot less populated mid-week. There’s a fairly reliable surf break between Mecox and Scott Cameron, although it’s a bit of walk from either parking lot.

We’ve given away our secret spots! To find yours, you’ll have to adventure and explore! Summer surf on the East End is typically best in the early morning when the wind is off-shore; it comes on-shore most days by late morning. Overall, the surf on the East End is best in the fall and winter, that’s when the wind is more from the north and coastal storms tend to ride off the coast; the spring brings wind and fog from the south and the summer is prone to inconsistent wind swells and to extended surf doldrums. Still, head out and go in; it’s always fun to get wet.

One more thing: we want to connect you to our favorite surf forecast site; that’s SwellInfo has an app you can download; it will give you surf size and wind conditions, along with water temperature and tide times. The app allows you to track conditions in Sag Harbor, and all around the world.

So if you have gear, get your beach permit from us and go! If you don’t have gear, we suggest contacting the following surf shops for rentals (most provide lessons and paddleboard gear, too):

In Sag Harbor: Flying Point in the Harbor

In East Hampton: Khanh Sports