Ice Cream curated by Forever Bungalows

Joe & Liza’s Ice Cream at Bay Burger

Ice Cream

Far-off LeMars, Iowa may proclaim itself to be the ice cream capital of the world, but that’s a long way from the truth.

With two sweet old-time ice cream shops, a celebrity-mecca, hipster-yogini-fave frozen yogurt dispensary, and two burger places making world-famous ice cream and shakes, Sag Harbor can (and maybe should) stake a claim to that title.

Frozen treats in Sag Harbor aren’t limited to those five places, either.

The Five-and-Dime (known locally as The Variety Store) has $2 ice cream cones from Hershey’s and Good Humor that make you feel like you might find an “I like Ike” button in the next aisle. Meanwhile, Harbor Market has the dense-est, and arguably the best, soft serve around, often with little or no waiting, because word is out about how good the others are.

And there’s always something exotic and novel in the Cilantro’s freezer case, too; sometimes it’s Central American

Ice Cream curated by Forever Bungalows

Buddhaberry Artisinal Frozen Yogurt

delicacies and sometimes it’s ice cream truck faves.

The best things about all these shops is that they’re open late, often to 11pm and sometimes a little beyond that, and there’s always something to see—whether its the boats in the harbor or the other people who are on the prowl for something cold and refreshing.

Ice Cream curated by Forever Bungalows

A Big Olaf’s creation

Our secret: If you don’t want anyone to see you and you’re craving late, late, late night frozen treats, the convenience store at the Harbor Heights Gulf gas station is open 24 hours. It’s a mile from Forever Bungalows and its freezer case is stocked with Haagen-Daz and frozen Snickers. We know; we were there last night.

Here’s who’s who in the world of Sag Harbor’s very cold delights:

Self-serve artisanal frozen yogurt
125 Main Street
Sag Harbor, NY 11963
(631) 808-3888

Scooped ice cream and soft serve yogurt
2 Main Street
Sag Harbor, NY 11963
(631) 223-8119

Big Olaf’s Ice Cream
Scooped ice cream and insanely good frozen custard
On Long Wharf
Sag Harbor, NY 11963
(631) 725-7505

LT Burger
Milk shakes you’d never ever think of making
62 Main Street
Sag Harbor, NY 11963
(631) 899-4646

Bay Burger
Impossibly healthy, homemade “Joe & Liza’s” ice cream
1742 Sag Harbor Turnpike
Sag Harbor, NY 11963
(631) 899-3915

Harbor Market & Kitchen
The secret (and best) soft serve
184 Division Street
Sag Harbor, NY 11963
(631) 725-4433

The Variety Store
Throwback $2 treats
114 Main Street
Sag Harbor, NY 11963
(631) 725-9706

A surprisingly novel freezer case in a Mexican takeout place
138 Division St.
Sag Harbor, NY 11963
(631) 725-4555