Sag Harbor offers LOTS of things, but Starbucks isn’t one of them.

Maybe that’s because our stores are locally-owned…maybe it’s because words like “venti” sound pretentious, or maybe it’s because, although a small village, Sag Harbor boasts ELEVEN places to get excellent coffee!

What we love: Coffee! Curated by Forever BungalowsSagTown
78 Main Street
Sag Harbor

Freshly re-opened in late summer after a December 16 fire engulfed the Sag Harbor Cinema and the original SagTown Coffee. As a phoenix rising from the ashes, so has our favorite coffee shop.

Taking a step up from being a small, dark rustic dispensary focused on espresso, SagTown has now grown into a bright avocado-toast-acai-bowl-personal pizza-gourmet-coffee-serving joint with lots of room to hang inside and out. Looking for the perfect chai, matcha, cappuccino, cortado, flat white? This is the place.

GrindstoneWhat we love: Coffee! Curated by Forever Bungalows
7A Main Street
Sag Harbor

Gourmet donuts. That’s the game here. Tasty, memorable, fist-sized, elaborate donuts that are hard to say “no” to. All presented via social media in an interesting Instagram feed:  The coffee here is best via their espresso machine—although strangely their Americanos are better than their lattes. The donuts-are-the-bomb vibe is fun, unusual used books are part of the sit-down scene.

What we love: Coffee! Curated by Forever BungalowsSylvester’s
103 Main Street
Sag Harbor

Sylvester & Co is the birthplace of “Dreamy” coffee and the creator of RED THREAD GOOD COFFEE, a philanthropic new coffee adventure. This modern general store offers a tasty and solid $1 coffee on weekdays. The coffee goes up in price on weekends, but no one seems to mind.

So you know: their “Dreamy” coffee is fair-trade and infused with chocolate. The Red Thread name originates from the ancient Far East, and the idea that at birth, each of us is connected by a red thread to those we are destined to help in this lifetime. It is said this connecting thread stretches and tangles, but never breaks. The brand gives 2 cents for each serving purchased to charities, thereby helping neighbors in need. In purchasing each bottle of concentrate, 16 cents goes to charity and when purchasing a bag of beans, 48 cents goes to charity.

Jack’s Stir Brew photo by R’el and Marcus

Jack’s Stir Brew
51 Division Street
Sag Harbor

Jack’s was New York City’s first coffee house to exclusively serve ethically sourced organic, shade-grown coffee and helped pioneer the crop-to-cup movement by working directly with the farmers and purveyors that grow their coffee. Over the past decade Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee has grown to having six locations between NYC and the Hamptons. A newcomer on the Sag Harbor scene, Jack’s is next to the Sag Harbor Bakery assuring that a stop in to their Division Street location will fire you up and keep you from eating or drinking anything your Aryuvedic practitioner says will balance your doshas. Decent coffee, though not cheap, and there’s nowhere to sit down and let it cool.

Harbor Market
184 Division Street
Sag Harbor

Harbor Market photo by R’el and Marcus

Worlds collide in this boutique market, the rustic feel of old Sag Harbor blending with the high-gloss sleekness of the new Sag Harbor. Primarily a food-focused, farm-to-table sit-in or take-out place, the hot coffee here is self-serve all day, and iced behind the counter. A good place for a quick latte or decaf mid-afternoon away from the main street fray.

2 Main Street
Sag Harbor

Although a favorite for amazing take out pizza’s (the only place in Sag Harbor with a whole wheat crust option), as the name suggests, Espresso offers a selection of coffee and espresso-based drinks. The espresso machine is a good one, so it’s funny that coffee is not “a thing” on its popular take-out menu: in fact, it’s not on there at all! Try their amazing focaccia sandwiches. And grab a coffee to go.

7 Main Street
Sag Harbor

The Harbor’s natural food market and organic café brews an organic drip coffee throughout the day. It’s self-serve, limited to few options, but sits next to a generous tea selection, and the broadest variety of “milk” and sweetener options in the village.

Bagel Buoy
3 Bay Street
Sag Harbor

Self-serve traditional coffee with the emphasis on “hot”… Coffee here is not as the main event, (or even an event) but the much-needed compliment for the outstanding bagels and muffins and other breakfast and lunch food made to order fresh on-premise.

Golden Pear
111 Main Street
Sag Harbor

The locally-owned Golden Pear chain (other locations are in Southampton and East Hampton). Not known for their coffee, but there are lots of choices and flavors.

Cove Deli
283 Main St,
Sag Harbor

This deli is as local as local gets. Near Canio’s book store and on upper upper Main Street, when you need a coffee away from anything approximating a crowd (unless you count our local electricians and plumbers) this is the spot — no true seating, but a picnic bench outside that does the job.

LT Burger photo by R’el and Marcus

LT Burger
62 Main St
Sag Harbor

LT Burger is known for its burgers and milkshakes, but they also have self serve coffee for take out. The only local purveyor of Hampton Coffee Co. coffee, there are a few flavors and enough “milk” options to keep both a traditionalist and vegan satisfied.

ADDITIONALLY: (pay attention coffee lovers…) 
For a sit-down traditional cup of EXPERT espresso or cappuccino go to the bar at DOPO la Spiaggia, or  Il Capuccino (you will swear you’re in Italy – or at least Little Italy!) Wolffer Kitchen, an upscale restaurant on Main Street also has an outstanding espresso machine!

Oh Yeah..
Just driving through Sag Harbor?? 7-Eleven or Harbor Heights (the 24-hour convenience store and gas station on Route 114) has the no-frills coffee to go!