A Review from JETSETTER GUIDES: Your Summer Guide to the Hamptons

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Rachel Zoe to bring you the best of where to eat, sleep, play and party in the Hamptons. Pack your bags: this is your best summer ever. By Siobhan Reid

Forever Bungalows: The charm of the roadside motel is alive and well at this lovingly restored sleep—a collection of six detached bungalows and 8 hotel rooms just off Route 114 in Sag Harbor. The budget-friendly accommodations are simply-decorated, but have free WiFi, eco-friendly toiletries and bucolic views of the surrounding six wooden acres. Rent a cruiser from the hotel and explore nearby Main Street or Havens Beach (just 10 minutes away).


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Book a stay at Forever Bungalows. From Manhattan, board the Hampton Jitney on 86th and Second Avenue to travel three hours to the tip of Long Island, arriving at a town called Sag Harbor. The bus ride will be smooth and relaxing, as an exotic girl with an accent will come around a few times to offer snacks, bottled water and The Wall Street Journal for your pleasure. The weather will be around 70 degrees and sunny with clear skies when the bus finally pulls up to the center of town, just a few yards from the Marina. Hail a weird cab ride ten minutes to Forever Bungalows, your official camping site for the night. Stop by the front desk to get all your glamping essentials: a key to your bungalow and beach towels. Fill up your water bottle at the front desk, because it’s camping and you don’t have a kitchen. Inquire about food and other necessities, because it’s camping and the nearest gas station is a few miles away, plus if you don’t have a car, you’ll probably have to walk or take an expensive cab ride. Drop your luggage off in your room, which will be comfortable without the mini bar.

Change into your bathing suit and sneakers because the next thing on your agenda will be the secret beach. Pack your beach bag with sunscreen, a bottle of wine, plastic cups, snacks, sunscreen, a float and speakers to play music. Oh and don’t forget a towel! Ask the front desk to draw you a map to the beach and help access the bikes from the shed. This two mile bike ride consists of dirt, uphill paths, bumpy roads and messy hiking trails. Watch out for golf balls when you ride through the Sag Harbor Golf Club and other animals crossing. Arrive at secret beach about ten minutes later. The scenery will change from a forest to an opening view of the bay. You just know you’re at this Secret Beach when you see an opening to get on the beach. Pick a spot. It will mostly likely be you and your lover. For fearless beach goers, swim up to the sand dunes, located about 200 yards from the beach. Hang out until the sunset, but leave before night falls because there are no lights back to your bungalow. Change for dinner and light a fire and grill food or walk two miles to the nearest restaurant. Watch TV or surf the net until you fall asleep in a comfortable bed. Wake up and head to the front desk (Hello Lounge) with your Forever Bungalow mug for coffee or tea, and start the day at the beach, again!

A Hotel that feels like homeWe were just featured in The Southampton News in an article by Alyssa Melillo.

In the summer of 2012, Sag Harbor residents Jennifer and Beatrice Alda started a project that was quite different from creating motion pictures for their independent film company, Forever Films Inc.

Having traveled to many different countries to promote their movies, Ms. Brooke and Ms. Alda, the daughter of Alan Alda and his wife Arlene, often stayed at smaller boutique hotels, where the comforts of home and the charm of the cities in which they were staying created an experience that they wanted to replicate in their hometown. “There just wasn’t anything like that around here,” Ms. Brooke explained. READ MORE